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The Overton WindowJohn Boardman2016-04-17 14:25:490
“This flood was not only foretold – it was publicly subsidised”, the Guardian.John Boardman2016-01-03 11:20:350
Labour Leadership Candidates: Paint me a vision for the futureJohn Boardman2015-06-24 12:22:150
Leadership ElectionsJohn Boardman2015-06-07 22:22:050
Article in ‘The Independent’ - Wednesday 18 February 2015John Boardman2015-02-18 16:30:440
The case for responsible capitalism? John Boardman2014-12-29 15:42:190
Landmark victory for pub goers and beer drinkers!Sheryl Waterhouse2014-11-21 01:02:300
Tolpuddle – a cause for celebration.John Boardman2014-07-17 23:39:140
It is how George tells themJohn Boardman2014-04-21 19:18:260
The Tories - pulling the local wool over our eyes!John Boardman2014-01-26 21:14:000
Fury with MPs is main reason for not voting – Guardian/ICM pollJohn Boardman2014-01-01 00:30:540
The Broadest ShouldersJohn Boardman2013-06-23 21:21:090
Margaret Thatcher’s legacyJohn Boardman2013-04-12 11:33:350
Osborne defends the indefensible on bankers' bonuses John Boardman2013-03-06 11:49:130
All Hail the Green Revolution!Sheryl Waterhouse2013-02-22 16:05:360
Banking Crisis - Structural Deficit –Austerity Measures – Taxation – Economic Development – Growth - Inflation, and all that kind of stuffJohn Boardman2013-01-27 17:14:060
A Measure of AusterityJohn Boardman2013-01-20 22:11:450
Austerity MeasuresJohn Boardman2013-01-11 16:23:050
Letter to Leader Times Newspapers 9 November 2012David Foat2012-11-14 21:33:150
Looking ForwardsJohn Boardman2012-11-05 00:25:370
A view from the leftJohn Boardman2012-09-07 18:09:430
A Land Value Tax to kickstart the economy?John Boardman2012-09-07 17:53:330
Nelson Independent Labour Party ExhibitionJohn Boardman2012-08-08 16:04:420
The Co-op’s own Wimbledon ChampionJulian Jordan2012-07-25 13:31:230
Interesting new material on Pendle Labour Robert Oliver2012-07-09 12:40:570
County candidatesRobert Oliver2012-06-27 16:44:210
Conservative MPs running scared as Cameron/Osborne leadership brought into question by the loony right.John Boardman2012-05-09 12:05:020
Nadine Dorries interviewRobert Oliver2012-04-24 11:45:100
Don’t forget to use your postal voteJohn Boardman2012-04-22 16:10:220
Pendle families asked to pay more so that millionaires can pay lessRobert Oliver2012-04-10 11:49:110
Trident replacement - the local viewRobert Oliver2012-04-08 12:53:480
Maude lets cat out the bag on ideological attackJohn Boardman2012-03-30 11:01:060
Letter to the Colne TimesIan Graham2012-03-04 23:28:460
Ed Miliband’s speech to the Sheffield Political Economy Research InstituteJohn Boardman2012-02-13 11:16:180
Bankers' Greed Under the SpotlightJohn Pope2012-02-03 16:59:520
A Fair Day's PayJohn Boardman2012-02-02 17:49:590
The elusive Mike CalvertMohammed Iqbal2012-01-22 12:20:130
Barrowford Labour Party stalwart retiresJohn Pope2012-01-16 14:48:400
Reedley SchoolRobert Oliver2012-01-12 13:10:580
Looking Back – Looking to the FutureJohn Boardman2012-01-02 21:19:580
Cameron has seriously damaged the UK's influenceJohn Boardman2011-12-12 10:37:490
Same old Tories!Julian Jordan2011-12-08 15:39:120
Letter to the Nelson Leader Mark Porter2011-11-04 17:47:300
Picking over Sid’s bonesJohn Boardman2011-10-22 23:42:180
Outrage or PowerJohn Boardman2011-10-19 12:01:230
Save the Community Hospital Petition 15.10.11Sheryl Waterhouse2011-10-19 11:47:570
2011 Labour Annual Conference, LiverpoolSheryl Waterhouse2011-10-19 11:43:340
Whose Quantitative Easing?John Pope2011-10-11 22:18:220
Storm in a Tea ShopJohn Pope2011-10-11 22:05:190
The NHS Bill Has No MandateRobert Oliver2011-10-10 16:51:030
Riots and SentencingTim Ellis2011-08-17 11:28:271
Colne in Bloom cuttingsDavid Foat2011-08-03 12:19:370
EuroZone Crisis shows Austerity Cuts aren't workingTim Ellis2011-07-21 13:01:500
Closure of Colne RecyclingKeir Hardie's Cat2011-07-20 16:05:281
Murdoch at WestminsterGordon Prentice2011-07-13 05:55:240
Now Wash Your HandsJohn Boardman2011-07-09 10:18:500
News of the World : Who Knew WhatTim Ellis2011-07-06 22:28:101
Are we Sick of News InternationalTim Ellis2011-07-06 12:36:580
Closure of Police StationsGordon Prentice2011-07-06 07:05:170
Affordable PensionsKeir Hardie's Cat2011-06-30 10:16:431
Lib Dem Scheming – interestinger and interestinger!John Pope2011-06-29 11:14:290
Britain’s true national debt!John Pope2011-06-29 10:39:090
Eco Unfriendly ToriesJohn Pope2011-06-29 10:24:440
Brainwashing?Keir Hardie's Cat2011-06-28 06:17:070
The EMAGordon Prentice2011-06-27 22:19:331
Hats off to the Tories – but don’t doff the cap!Julian Jordan2011-06-23 16:07:060
The £260m cost of the war undermines Osborne's claim that "the cupboard is bare"Keir Hardie's Cat2011-06-23 14:17:070
'Gardening leave' for surgeon who railed at Clegg and CameronJulian Jordan2011-06-23 13:30:370
Lone mothers 'worst hit by cuts'Julian Jordan2011-06-23 13:28:500 BlogTim Ellis2011-06-22 11:01:430
Pension StrikesTim Ellis2011-06-22 10:55:510
The Cuts are hurting but not workingTim Ellis2011-06-22 10:50:320
Plead Not-Guilty, Get Good Health-CareKeir Hardie's Cat2011-06-21 17:27:500
‘Any Questions’ comes to PendleKeir Hardie's Cat2011-06-21 11:10:250
Exiled for stealing bread...Keir Hardie's Cat2011-06-18 16:47:441
Pendle Lib-Dem SilenceKeir Hardie's Cat2011-06-14 17:03:394
Tories Tough on Crime?Keir Hardie's Cat2011-06-14 16:33:500
Lansley gets a trouncing!Keir Hardie's Cat2011-06-14 16:14:450
Teachers vote in favour of strike over pensionsKeir Hardie's Cat2011-06-14 13:40:480
Labour Support UpKeir Hardie's Cat2011-06-14 13:17:180
Trust me. I'm a politicianGordon Prentice2011-06-13 18:03:403


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