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andrew lansley

In the USA there is no NHS and the anti-Obama camp and other tea-leaves are fighting tooth and nail to prevent one being created.  So how does one get health care when you have no money?  Well unemployed Richard James Verone decided that the only logical thing to do was to get himself put in jail.  He went into a bank, handed a note to the teller saying he had a gun and that the teller should hand over $1.  He then went and sat down and wait to be arrested.  They get free health care in jail.  Good job Ken Clarke's reforms never got passed - when Lansley sells off the NHS folks would have had to plead not-guilty to get health-care!


Andrew Lansley is currently getting a right old trouncing by labour MPs and others via Twitter (see Blogminster too).  Looks like the sale of the NHS in piece-meal to the private sector is going to be harder for the Tories than they thought.

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