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ed miliband

On Thursday 9th February Ed Milliband delivered a speech

The media and press made scant reference to this speech, They are more concerned about taking cheap shots at his appearance.

For me, the speech was one of best made by a Labour Leader during the last 20 years, In his speech he set out a clear direction for a future Labour Government to build a new model of a political economy, one which delivers prosperity and fairness for the working people of Britain once again.

I have been a critic of Blair’s “New Labour” model for many years and whilst Miliband’s approach is not to take us back to “Old Labour”, none the less it is a very welcome change in direction, which focuses the emphasis on government to serve the best interest of working people.

Anyone who has concerns that the Labour Party has become rudderless should read this speech and be assured that Ed Miliband knows how to take us forward and that we should all get behind him.


I was sent by our CLP to attend Annual Conference along with Cllr Julie Henderson and Azhar Ali. I went to the Women's Conference on the Saturday which was really good - lots of women spoke about issues that affect them and it was really inspiring.
Ed Miliband's speech was fantastic and really motivated everyone; we were clapping and cheering so much at one point that he had to tell us to sit down because he hadn't finished yet! My favourite speakers of the week were Ed Miliband, Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper as they spoke really openly and honestly about issues. Ed's Q and A session was especially good - he was very keen to answer as many questions as possible and he didn't try to dodge difficult questions. I can definitely see him as our next Prime Minister.
I went to a Media Campaigns fringe event which I found very helpful, and I've been able to pass tips from it on to my Communications group within the CLP.
Lucy Smith, our Regional Organiser, had organised an evening out for NW women on the first night which really set me up for the week as I met lots of great women and have become friends with them. I would like to say a special thank you to Paulette, Secretary of Bootle CLP, who lived near to my hotel and really took me under her wing for the week.
Finally I would like to say that I loved Conference and I would highly recommend going next year if you have the chance!
Sheryl Waterhouse
Women's Officer Pendle CLP


More high drama with news that Rupert and James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks have been invited to appear before the Culture Select Committee.

The Guardian reports that the Committee cannot compel witnesses to appear before it.

This is not the case. The House of Commons Library briefing on departmental select committees tells us that the formal power of summons extends to UK citizens only.

If the Committee asserts itself there is no escape for Rebekah Brooks.

And would the Murdochs stay away in these circumstances? I guess so.

The Library Paper also tells us that members of parliament cannot be compelled to appear before select committees. Time this was changed.

Ed Miliband, who put in a confident and convincing performance on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday, was quizzed about the Ashcroft vs Baldwin controversy.

Michael Ashcroft claims Miliband’s Director of Strategy, ex-Times journalist, Tom Baldwin paid someone to hack into one of the tax cheat’s many bank accounts.

Miliband states unequivocally there is no truth whatsoever in this allegation.

The simple solution would be for the Culture Select Committee to invite both of them before it to take questions under oath.

Alas, you wouldn’t see Ashcroft for dust. He would run a mile before agreeing to appear before a select committee on those terms. He would be dangerously exposed; all alone with no expensive lawyers to shield him.

Last year, when the Public Administration select committee did a one-off inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Ashcroft’s elevation to the peerage, he and William Hague declined to come before us.

As I recall, Sir George Young wrote to the Committee informing us they were “not inclined to attend”.

They gave the committee two fingers.

We raged. But there was nothing we could do about it.


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