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In a week in which the press and media have been occupied in reporting Tory PR disasters, it is perhaps not surprising that they failed to report an important revelation recorded in a letter to the Morning Star by James Chespy.

According to the letter, reporting on a recent extraordinary speech, Francis Maude said,

"The government wants to end state provision of any public service - even if it means they end up being run by private equity companies from tax havens."

You can read the full article here.


Local residents in Reedley are expressing their concerns to Cllr Robert Allen regarding the issues caused by inconsiderate parents parking across private drives. This pressure will increase with Reedley School expansion. The school governors have also expressed concerns and will confront the guilty ones. The consultation on school expansion plans will end on 27th Jan - local residents still have time to submit comments.  


There's an interesting piece by renowned journalist John Pilger backing-up what Tim Ellis said in an earlier post about Britian being debt almost to the tune of tax avoided by the super-rich and large corporations.  Pilger goes on to attribute, via his review of "Disciplined Minds" by Jeff Schmidt (Rowman & Littlefield), some if not all of the blame for our lack of curiosity and acceptance of non-establishemnt views on a broken education and training system - "Children are naturally curious, but along the way to becoming a professional they learn that curiosity is a series of tasks assigned by others. On entering training, students are optimistic and idealistic. On leaving, they are "pressured and troubled" because they realise that "the primary goal for many is getting compensated sufficiently for sidelining their original goals".  Reminds me of Gatto's views of the dumbing-down of the US education system.


I see the East Lancashire Colleges have come up with a package to support struggling students who are losing their EMA.

Last November, Pendle’s MP, Andrew Stephenson, famously declared he was a great fan of the EMA. 

I am a fan of EMA; 65% of students in my constituency going to Nelson and Colne College receive EMA. The Government are not scrapping EMA; they are simply replacing it with more targeted support.

We wait to hear how many (and what percentage) of students at Nelson and Colne College who used to get EMA will qualify for its replacement.

The College will have the thankless task of deciding who gets help and who doesn’t.


Read the original article on Gordon's Blog.

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