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Sue Nike standing outside Holmfield House in BarrowfordLast Thursday’s (23rd June) Pendle Executive meeting threw up an interesting pattern in the latest Lib Dem scheming. Barrowford Parish Council have been in negotiation with Pendle Council to acquire Holmefield House as a community centre. A feasible price and conditions have been agreed in outline, the Executive had to agree the details of the sale.

All was progressing smoothly with the Tory led executive discussions when up pops Lib Dem Councillors David Whipp and John David to stick their particular oars in! They suggested that Holmefield House should be transferred free of charge to Barrowford Parish Council because 20 years ago Barnoldswick Council had been offered Barnoldswick Town Hall free of charge. It turns out this generous offer was turned down because the costs of making the town hall useable were prohibitive (apparently in excess of 6 figures).

Now why would the Lib Dems want the Tory led Pendle council to give a valuable asset like Holmefield House away for free? If we wind forward a bit we learn that Pendle Leisure is vacating Bank House on Albert Road in Colne, opposite the Wallace Hartley memorial, to move into Colne town hall. Is it possible that Colne Town Council would like to acquire a very attractive public building from where to run its affairs? Needless to say, the Lib Dems dominate Colne Town Council.


Are they still licking their wounds from the Con-Dem pact?  Is Greavesy so incensed that he dare not put anything in print for fear of upsetting his lords and masters?  Well the Pendle Lib-Dem website hasn't been updated since 01 December 2010 as I write this.  What gives?

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