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Douglas Barber, a long-standing Labour Party activist, has retired as branch treasurer after 15 years of keeping the books in order. A social evening was held at the Bombay Lounge in Barrowford with friends from across Pendle in attendance to thank Douglas for all his hard work over many years. The Barrowford Branch gave Douglas a gift of an engraved glass tankard and his partner Carole also shared the occasion with a present of a bunch of flowers.
Sue Nike, chair of the Barrowford Branch, said “Douglas has been a real asset to both the local Labour Party and the Barrowford community for years and years. He was involved in the launching of the very successful Barrowford paper re-cycling scheme which kept many of us busy one Saturday each month for years. That was one of the first real attempts in Pendle to take action on environmental issues, long before it became mainstream."
Sue added “It will be sad not to have Douglas at our monthly branch meetings at the Rising Sun in Blacko. He has a clever knack of quietly keeping us focused while contributing his individual perspective on any topic of the day. His local knowledge combined with his sharp wit often unblocked a discussion that was getting nowhere! We will all miss him.”


Brierfield and Nelson North Councillor Mohammed Iqbal and Nelson South Councillor George Adam are calling-in a decision made today by Tory Deputy Leader of Lancashire County Council, Cllr Albert Atkinson to close 4 Household Waste Recycling Centres across Lancashire including Colne in Pendle.

Cllr Iqbal said "It is a dark day for the people of Lancashire when Cllr Atkinson ignores a call made by over 17,000 people to keep our recycling centres open.  He has ignored the arguments and pushed ahead with his and the Tory Party's project to let the people of Lancashire down.  The centre at Colne is very well used and is manned by a group of excellent employees who help elderly, disabled people to dispose of or recycle household waste"

Cllr Adam added "I would invite the Scrutiny Committee and Cllr Atkinson to come to Pendle and listen to evidence direct from members of the public who are directly affected by this decision.  It's a shame if the centre at Colne is allowed to close in March 2012 thanks to the Tory cuts.  Where are our Tory Councillors and MP on this issue- they are very quiet”

Note to Editor:

The Call-in notice has been signed by Cllrs Mohammed Iqbal, George Adam, Ciaran Wells, Clive Grunshaw, Miles Parkinson

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